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Your questions answered: Do doctors impose any age limits on who they treat?

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There is no age limit for treatments - the key thing is a person’s fitness and general health. It is probably true to say that doctors have to take age into account more with stem cell transplant than with other treatments because it is such an intense treatment, but even with transplants there is no definite cut-off point in terms of age.

Your questions answered: Why does chemotherapy cause more side effects after four or five cycles than when you first start?

Woman talking talking to her consultant about side effects of chemotherapy

This happens because you might not have recovered from the effects of one cycle of chemotherapy when the next cycle is due to start and some side effects can build up. Your blood counts are checked to see if they have recovered before the next cycle is given but it is quite common for other side effects, such as constipation and fatigue, not to have fully gone away between treatments.