Get inspired

There are so many ways to fundraise for us and we’re here to support you whatever you choose!

Get in touch by email at or call 01296 619419 to speak to one of the team.

If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, how about:

Pancake Day

  • Have some fun in the office or in your community by organising a pancake race – everyone places bets on the winner!
  • Hold a pancake party and get creative with flavours and fillings – you could ask your local supermarket to donate the ingredients.
  • How about a panckake flipathon? Take bets on how many of you can flip a pancake all at the same time or who can do it the highest!

Valentine’s Day

Hold a raffle

  • Everyone likes a flutter so why not run a raffle or prize draw?

Crochet for Cancer

Give something up

  • Trying to shift a habit or want to prove you’ve got willpower? Get sponsored to give something up or donate the money you would have spent.

Throw a Purple Party

Get involved today and make a difference to people affected by lymphatic cancer.